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Attention busy overgrown garden owners in Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Brent, Hounslow and Hammersmith and Fulham!

Do you feel your garden has become too untidy and unmanageable for you to deal with? Does it need urgent attention before it can cause even more problems?

Do you want to achieve a clean looking garden as fast as possible? And you want it now? Incredible transformation in just one day.

Your Professional Overgrown Garden Clearance Or It’s Free, Guaranteed!

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Find out how some of your neighbours have already turned their overgrown garden into a beauty spot, quick. Also, how to guarantee their overgrown garden will never be a problem again.

Don’t read it further, if

This is not for you if you want to know the lowest prices only, instead of looking for a quick, quality solution for your garden clearance.

Overgrown Gardens Can Create Lots Of Problems
Don’t Let This Nightmare Happen To You

– Neglected vegetation can damage your property
Attracts rodents, foxes, thieves, even people dumping more waste
– Risks Council fines
Affects the relationship with the neighbours
– Gets a lot of complaints
– Drags down your property value
– Can result in higher utility bills (due to low light, also dumper and colder air inside)
Japanese knotweed can make a sale impossible
Destroys the garden buildings, structures, and fences
Destroys the soil structure
– Can lower self-esteem; brings anxiety and depression for most elderly people

You Want A Solution And Quick

But you might be a busy professional, who doesn’t have the time for this hassle or an older person, who thinks that would be too big of a task to achieve it. You might want to sell your property, and you know well, that 99 per cent of the properties are sold for a better price if they have a good-looking garden. Or you feel you are not able to do this because some of the vegetation is dangerous even to touch, like Japanese Knotweed.

You Want To Give The Task To An Expert

Not only to a DIY person. The person who is professionally trained and have the knowledge, the skillset and expertise to do it for you, but unfortunately, you do not know any of those. What would you do? As many others think, okay, Check a trade as a company looks like it is a reliable source, and it can be a solution. You pick up one of those catalogues you received a couple of weeks ago or go to their website, click on the garden companies section in your area and scratching your head, which one should I choose? Some of those are too far from your house, some they don’t offer the service what you need, and although some pictures can look entertaining on their contact info, you are not sure they would be the best. Still don’t know

Let Me Offer You Some Help.

How would you feel if I told you that one company steps out from the crowd and they offer exactly what you need? They have decades of experience, trained at one of the best garden colleges in the UK and are passionate about gardens and wildlife.
Beyond that, you can read more than 179 highly satisfied reviews about different aspects of their approach and working morale. Maybe this is what you need.

They Are:

– One of the most efficient in dealing with overgrown gardens because of their vast knowledge and expertise.
– Almost unnoticeable when working.

– The job is done in a day. Also, they offer a quick response time, so you don’t need to wait long for a lovely, bright garden.
– Offering follow-up programmes to clear the garden from weeds entirely so that they won’t grow back, you don’t need to worry about it.
Working carefully around the garden, so they don’t damage anything.
– They hold a waste carrier licence and always dispose of the waste to a local, authorized recycling depot on the same day.
– Always like to be fair and give the best options to solve any garden problems.
Considerate with your property and belongings and are also pet friendly. By the way, they want your pet safe while using chemicals.
– Trusted by existing returning clients for their professionalism.
– According to their previous clients, they are ‘punctual, courteous, polite’. Would it be relevant to you?
– They are insured so if any damage happened to the property you don’t need to worry.
– If your floor needs protection, they will make sure that it is fully covered and at the end, they will clean up the floor as part of the service
Key keepers. They keep the keys from a few properties where they do regular works, so you don’t need to be at home.

What Would Be The Benefits For You To Work With Them?

– You can see an immediate positive impact and your property will keep or even increase its value.
– Your garden will be much easier to rebuild after the clearance.
– You can lower energy bills, with a long-term effect.
– You feel much better straight away after seeing the difference so the direct emotional impact will be huge; you will feel less stressed and depressed.
– You avoid council fines and complaints from neighbours.
No more rodents and foxes are coming to your garden to destroy it.
– The quality of work will be guaranteed.
– They call you back immediately, so you don’t need to wait long.
– You have a thorough, detailed plan what you should do after the clearance and the weeds never come back.
– They give you a free quotation, not like some.

So Who Are They?

They are Overgrown gardens.co.uk, and as their name suggests, they offer solutions to a wide variety of garden problems, something that you may have right now. They have a long list of past projects and more than 179 satisfied customers’ reviews. They are not just simple DIY people, but trained, passionate, well equipped, decent, polite and always honest with their clients. They do what they promise. Very rare, nowadays, I believe.

Have you had a bad experience before?

Unfortunately, some of their clients have had a bad experience with their previous gardeners for various reasons, and they were called to fix the problems. This can be an upsetting situation for everyone.

So, Here Is A Deal

They offer you an incredible proposal, you have never heard of. If you call the company in the next three days and if you are not happy with the garden clearance outcome, you don’t pay anything at all. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? But it’s not…

And Here Is Why

They believe this deal for an incredible and fast garden service is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your garden into the best shape finally. You never heard of this before, I can imagine. The quality of their work and their work morale are unique, and you can trust that it would be one of the best deals what can happen to you. And to your garden…

Remember, you don’t risk a penny. You’ve got nothing to lose.
At the end of the day if you think, what they did is not good enough for you, then you don’t need to pay at all. Really. Would this be an excellent option for you?

Remember, you have this fantastic deal only if you call them in the next three days. I believe it is a more than fair offer.

To avoid disappointment, call us now before our schedule becomes full.

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Some Of Your Neighbours In This Area Took Advantage Of Their Offer, Already. Why Wouldn’t You?

You get the good-looking garden you have been wishing for. Or it’s free. No like no pay. Really.There is no risk at all. But please, don’t miss the deadline.


To summarize what you get is a free quotation; a quick, careful and thorough garden clearance; cleaning the place after the project; free advice on how to keep your garden weed-free; and you don’t even need to pay at all if you don’t like the outcome. If you call them right now or in the next three days, you can have this fantastic offer.

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