How we work

What is your work process?

Following the phone conversation or email exchange with you, one of our team leaders gives you a personal visit on the same day. They will discuss your needs, ideas and the possible solutions. While our colleague is there, he will also give at least two options of how the work can be done most efficiently.

After the meeting, we will send you an email/letter with price options, the approximate time needed to execute the project and an optional starting date. We always give honest advice and options so you can take an educated decision before the whole project starts. We do what we promise, so there is no surprise. We will always respect your values and thoughts and never judge with discrimination of any kind. Once both parties agree with all the terms and conditions, the execution team will start organising the site and commence the work.

On arrival, our team leader will do the greetings and show you the action plan. Our team starts to tackle the work progressively to keep the site safe and the most effective way without any disturbance to your family. Usually, we start at 8 am if it is not too early for you.

While on-site, our team will be wearing PPE (personal protection equipment). We will also make sure that the site is always tidy and organised respecting the health and safety rules strictly.

Your property will also be kept safe and tidy during the project, and the waste will be removed as agreed.

If you have trees, shrubs and plants that are worth keeping, as with a bit of pruning, we will keep them. They can be a great attraction later because they will grow back nicely, so you don’t need to buy something else to replace them.
We can contact you during the day in case you cannot be there. So we can give you details on progress and check with you if for some reasons there are any unexpected things occurs, while we make progress. Suppose there is anything to be done while we are there, like for example fitting back a broken fence panel so you are safe until you might decide on the fence. It would be a money-saving for you if we did it as part of the project while we are there. If you are still not happy with what we kept for you, we can come back and remove it for either the same day or the next day.
We can also send you some pictures with the progress if you wish.
As we progress with clearance if there is any furniture or plants that can be used, we are happy to keep you informed so you can choose at the end of the day if you wish to keep them.

At the end of the job, we will have a reception hour when everything will be inspected together with you to make sure the job was done as agreed. In case you are unable to be at home, we will take care of your property and drop the key to the letterbox when we finish.

The garden waste will be bagged and loaded into our van or to skip, according to the plan. And will be taken to the nearest recycling depot usually on the same day.

Work Examples

If I want to sell my property, is it a good idea to clear the garden?

When it comes to selling or renting a house, this can be a strong negotiation point for you to get better value.

Did you know that 99 per cent of the properties are sold for a better price if they have a good-looking garden? After many years of experience in doing this, we know how to make little twists with less effort so that you can sell your properties for a better price than the average in the area.